Aluminium mats

An elegant entrance mat

Recessed aluminium mats are a beautiful and elegant entrance matting solution that effectively removes dirt and debris at the entrance to the building.

The solution is particularly suitable for entrances with heavy loads.

A beautiful, elegant and non-slip solution that saves cleaning costs and minimises wear and tear on buildings of any size.

We sell and install flush-mounted aluminium slatted mats that are customised and designed for your exact needs

Entrance mats

We sell and install a wide range of aluminium mats from various suppliers.

Each mat has different properties, such as appearance, dirt pick-up and load-bearing capacity. 

You can see and read more about the individual variants below.

AluMat aluminium mat


AluFlex aluminium mat




AluBrush Aluminium Mat

Aluminium brush



AluFlex Curved

Aluflex curved

More about flush-mounted slatted mats:

Our flush-mounted aluminium mats are a professional solution designed for entrances with high traffic volumes.

The mats are specially designed to minimise the spread of dirt and moisture in your company's buildings.

With anti-slip properties, our cleaning mats ensure safe and secure passage, reducing the risk of accidents caused by slippery surfaces. In addition to this, they also help minimise walking noise and protect nearby floors from potential damage.

With our pre-cast aluminium mats, you not only get an efficient solution, but also one that improves safety and reduces the maintenance of your buildings.

Emco entrance mats

We have worked with Emco for several years, advising on and installing a wide range of Emco entrance mats. 

You can see examples of mats from Emco.