Rubber and coconut mats

Non-slip rubber mats

Rubber mats are suitable for laying in front of the entrance, where they can take the first dirt and water.

The mats are suitable for use in schools, institutions, construction sites and indoor commercial environments, where they work well as a non-slip and shock-absorbing surface.

The mat is made of a strong material that ensures durability and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.


Rubber mat

Rubber mats

Rubber mats are a great complement to "finer" mats, as they take the strain off indoor mats, helping to extend the life of other mats and floors. 

Coconut mats

Coconut mats is a great choice for creating a neat and clean entrance area with a beautiful natural product. The coconut matting can be customised to your needs and can be installed in recessed mat frames or placed freely on the floor. 

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