Mat service

A flexible mat solution

The MatMan mat service is for those who don't want to own and maintain their own entrance mats.

With the Mat Man's mat service, you can customise your entrance mat with your own logo.


More about Carpet Services

Mats are an important part of our daily lives, both at home and at work. They help keep our floors clean and safe, while adding an aesthetic touch to your interior design. Mat service is an efficient and convenient solution for those who want to rent mats with flexible mat changes.

A sustainable measurement solution

It's not uncommon to see businesses replacing their mats on a regular basis, even if they're still working. This can be an unnecessary financial burden, as mats can often last longer than expected.

The Carpet Man suggests fewer changes than you're used to today - you'll be pleasantly surprised by the small difference but delighted by the lower budget.

By reducing the number of mat changes, we minimise the amount of washing and driving when we change. This contributes to a more sustainable future by minimising our overall environmental footprint.


Benefits of a Carpet Service solution

Logo mats and branding
Mat services also allow you to utilise the potential of logo mats and branding. Logo mats are an effective way to market your business as they create awareness and recognisability. By having a professionally designed logo mat at the entrance to your business, you can create a positive impression with customers and strengthen your branding.

Made from recycled plastic
Recycled plastic is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials as it reduces the need to extract and manufacture new plastic. By choosing mats made from recycled plastic, you contribute to more sustainable production and help reduce waste.

Micromix - the ultimate dirt mat
A popular type of mat often used in mat services is micromix. Micromix mats are known for their high absorbency and ability to trap and remove dirt and moisture from shoes. These mats are ideal for high-traffic areas and can help keep your floors clean and safe.

Flexible mat service customised to your needs
Measurement service is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It's flexible and customisable to your specific needs and requirements. You can choose from different sizes, types and designs of mats to ensure they perfectly match your organisation's layout and functionality. In addition, you can also choose the frequency at which the mats need to be serviced based on your needs.

Measurement sizes:

Mat service mats are available in the following sizes:

85×85 cm

85×150 cm

115×200 cm

85×300 cm

150×250 cm

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