Walkway mats

Covering walkways

  • Visible walkways increase safety.
  • Non-slip and absorbent underlay.
  • Recyclable material with deposit system
  • Used by construction sites, festivals, institutions, etc.
  • EPD dokumentation

Walkway mats create safety on construction and festival sites, for example, by being slip-resistant and clearly indicating the walking routes around the site.

Walkwaymats are a sustainable solution that is easy to lay out and can be rolled up and reused in a new location or granulated and reused again.

Today, walkway mats are used as access routes on construction sites, festivals, institutions and as absorbent surfaces in playgrounds. The possibilities are endless.


Spaghetti mats

Spaghetti mats

Walkway mats are often colloquially referred to as "spaghetti mats" due to their characteristic material structure, which resembles coloured spaghetti. The structure ensures the mat's excellent properties for creating visible and non-slip access routes.

More about Walkwaymats

Safety in high-traffic outdoor spaces is crucial. Walkway mats are a simple way to create clear and non-slip access routes throughout the site.

Walkway mats are designed to provide a stable and non-slip surface that reduces the risk of falls.

The self-draining properties of the mats ensure that water does not accumulate, further reducing the risk of slippery surfaces.

These mats are made from durable materials that can withstand heavy equipment and traffic, making them perfect for constant use on construction sites and other high-traffic areas.

After use, the mats can be rolled up and used in a new location or sent for recycling, where they are granulated and used to produce new ones.

Walkwaymats - Covering walkways
Walkwaymats - Covering walkways
Walkwaymats - Covering walkways on construction sites
Walkwaymats - Covering walkways with logo

Specifications on Walkwaymats:

Length: 15 metres.

Width: 1.0 metres.

Thickness: 14 mm.

Weight: 3.0 kg/metre