Duplomat open 12 mm

The Duplomat open has a unique open construction that allows dirt to fall through the gaps in the mat. As a result, the mat doesn't need to be cleaned as often as the majority of the dirt falls directly into the mat well. All Andre Duplo mats have a closed construction, which means that the dirt stays on the mat.

Maximise the cleaning power and combine with double or triple rubbers!

Duplomat open - Alum mat
Height in aluminium12 mm
aluminium width16 mm
Aluminium thickness1.5 mm
Insert material4 mm
Insert materialEPDM rubber: EPDM rubber mouldings with ribbed structure
Buffet rubber: Vulcanised layered rubber strips with coloured textile.
Insert material height12 mm
Insert material width15 mm
Profile connectionGalvanised steel cable bracket 2.5 mm
Standard aluminiumBride
Optional aluminiumAnodising in 24 colours
Optional insertsSingle, double or triple
Resilience2,100 kg/ 100 cm2
Fire load classificationCfl-s1
Anti-slip classificationR11
Weight approx.15 kg/m2
Overall mat height12 mm