Duplomat with brushes

The Duplomat with brushes has a closed construction, combining the benefits of a closed entrance mat with the optimal cleaning properties of a brush insert. As you walk on the mat, the brushes stick to the profile of the shoe sole and remove even the most persistent dirt - there's no need to actively wipe your feet. This is called active cleaning.

Duplomat with with brushes
Height in aluminium16 mm
aluminium width16 mm
Aluminium thickness1.5 mm
Insert material4 mm
Insert material15×15 mm strips with brushes in two rows
Insert material height20 mm
Insert material width15 mm
Profile connectionGalvanised steel cable bracket 2.5 mm
Standard aluminiumBride
Optional aluminiumAnodising in 24 colours
Optional insertsSingle, double or triple
Resilience2,900 kg/ 100 cm2
Fire load classificationCfl-s1
Anti-slip classificationR13
Weight approx.17 kg/m2
Overall mat height20 mm