AluFlex with needle felt 18 mm

Aluflex needle felt 13 mm is the lowest aluminium entrance mat in our collection. The mat is rollable, making it easy to clean underneath. Due to the low aluminium profile, the mat requires no well or recess and can be placed in front of the entrance by itself. For easy access, bevelled profiles can be mounted to the sides.

The needle felt is made of a strong and durable fibre that effectively removes fine and coarse dirt from the soles of pedestrians' shoes. Needle felt is very suitable as an insert for zones 2 and 3 (interior).

AluFlex with needle felt
Height in aluminium13 mm
Aluminium width30 mm
Aluminium thickness1,15
Profile spacing4 mm
Profile connectionPVC connection list
Profile at the bottomEquipped with sound-absorbing anti-slip layer
Standard aluminiumBride
OptionalAnodising in 24 colours
Resilience2,100 kg/ 100 cm2
Fire load classificationBfl-s1
Anti-slip classificationR10
Weight approx.14 kg/m2
Overall mat height18 mm